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A broad range of WW2 MV spares can be found at the international WW2Dodge.Com Forum.
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If interested in one of my spares 4sale below please contact me via e-mail:
webmaster AT steel-toys DOT com

Wheel hub oil seal tool
To get the XL oil seal in to the hub I made a small "reverse-pulley" tool that is squeezing the oil seal into the hub.
It consists of a M14 threaded bar, a flat steel bar cut-off ("anchor") and a slice of a round steel with 95 mm diameter.
= Stupid & simple design and works great.
I can offer the 95 mm round steel for all that want to make their own tool: 15,- Euros + postage.

See: Tool report
See: Photo 1
See: Photo 2

2x GMC Tailgate Chains with Canvas -SOLD!
I bought lately 2 tailgate chains with a solid metal hook on one end and canvas cover.
When they arrived I realized that their dimension is a "bit to large" for the Dodge. *g*
I think they are from a GMC truck. Good used condition, pricetag: 30,- Euros + postage.

See: GMC Tailgate Chains

Dodge WC51 Transfer Case -SOLD!
If someone needs a TC for rebuilt/exchange: my old one is for sale. It's working but the bearing
for the yoke of the front prop.-shaft has to be replaced as well as the retainer of one flange-seal.
Good basis for rebuilt/parts exchange.
Price: 250,- Euro. - Can be picked up in Frankfurt, Germany.

See: Transfer case

1x Dodge WC51 Combat Wheel - GALVANIZED! -SOLD!
One combat wheel for sale. It's marked 1943 and sandblasted and zinc coated (galvanized) and resprayed in OD.
It's not perfect (needs counterweights) so it's the typical rear axle or spare wheel.
Price: 100,- Euro + shipping.

See: Combat Wheel

Pioneer Tool Bracket
M-Series Pioneer Tool Bracket for Dodge M-35, M-37 and other vehicles for sale.
Sandblasted and resprayed in OD. It's only the bracket - tools not included.
Price: 69,- Euro + shipping.

See: Tool Bracket

Late style Radiator Guard for WC51
I changed my Radiator Guard to the correct design for that production date. So after this I can offer the old Guard:
It's a late style one, resprayed in OD and in good condition.
Price: 90,- Euro + shipping.

See: Radiator Guard

Oil Filler Unit WC51 / T214 engine
Used oil filler assembly with cap.
Price: 20,- Euro + shipping.

See: Oil Filler

WC52 glove box door
Used WC52 glove box door - without tags - for sale.
Price: 35,- Euro + shipping.

See: WC52 Door

Latest update: 26.11.2015