WW2 and Military Vehicle related Museums

Museums in Europe at a glance - Joakim's recommendations


Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster, D-29633 Munster
If you don't know where to go or what to see on the upcoming weekends this might be the place: The "Deutsches Panzer Museum Munster" is the largest and most impressive Tank collection in Germany.
Originally founded as a non public collection of the German Forces for training and education it has been a "hidden treasure" located at Munster, in the center of Germanys largest Army Training Grounds.
Since a few years this outstanding collection is open to the public from March to the end of November.
So if you want to see it this year you should hurry up: it's closed from the 30th of November on (because there is no heating...). The Museum is easy to find: leave the Autobahn A7 Hamburg-Hannover at the Exit Munster and just follow the Museum signs.

Address: Hans-Krüger-Straße 33, 29633 Munster
Link: http://www.daspanzermuseum.de/index.php?id=96

Pictures: http://www.steel-toys.com/DPM11/

Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung (WTS), D-56070 Koblenz
The collection at Koblenz is as the one in Munster tied to the German Forces and a “hidden treasure“ among the Military history related Museums. Most don’t know it even if it is open to the public all year long and a great thing to see.
Background: The “Scientific Collection of Defense Engineering Specimens” – also called Defense Technology Museum – has an exhibition space of 7,200 sqm and is thus one of the large technically oriented collections in the Federal Republic of Germany. Founded in 1962, it is part of the organization of the Federal Office of Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw). It is located nearby the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, that should be visited as well.

Address: Mayener Straße 85, D-56070 Koblenz
Link: http://www.baainbw.de/portal/a/baain/!u ... jIgAy-SA2/

Link to the Museums supporter association: http://www.vff-wts.de/de/ueberdiewts.html

Museum für Zeitgeschichte Stammheim, D-97509 Stammheim am Main
The backbone of the Stammheim Museum is it's Museums-Society with 400 members so that is possible to offer on 17.000 m² display area a review of 200 years of local & military history and more than 250 vehicles of all types incl. aircrafts, missiles etc. It is one of the largest privately organized Museums of it's kind in Germany. Some of the Museums vehicles have been on display in Normandy at D-Day anniversaries and appeared in several movie productions as "Stalingrad" and "The Monuments Men".
Notice: The Museum is closed in wintertime.

Address: Museum für Zeitgeschichte, Maintalstrasse, D-97509 Stammheim.
Link: http://www.museum-stammheim.de/

Junkers Technikmuseum, D-06846 Dessau
The Museum is located in one of the old factory buildings and has a lot of Junkers products on display: from the the very rare Junkers F13 (only about 5 still existing worldwide) up to engines and ovens of all types manufactured by Junkers. Focus is mainly on the civilian production of Junkers.
- And (of cause) the JU-52. This flying legend that they have at Dessau on display is one of the 6 JU-52 that have been recoverd from a lake in Norway in 1986. It has been rebuilt in the Museum to civilian standard and looks today like new.
Some pictures of the 13 JU-52 that landed on the norwegian lake in 1940 to supply German troops and sunk to the bottom of the lake in spring 1941 when the ice melted can be found here: http://www.norway-team.com/NT2/daten-wr ... -JU-52.htm
The collection of Junkers engines at the Museum is very impressive and includes aviation engines as well as industrial engines. Even a truck with a gas engine. The gas is produced with wood that is burning in a special oven on the truck-bed - a common solution in the end of WW2 when fuel was rare.
Outside of the building are some more aircraft on display. Among them the IL-14 that was built in the 1950ies at Dessau in license and a cargo train - because those have been built at Dessau too.
If you are planning a trip to Berlin then Dessau might be worth to spend an extra day, because the town is the home of the Bauhaus school of architecture as well.

Address: Kühnauerstraße 161a, D-06846 Dessau-Rosslau
Link: http://www.technikmuseum-dessau.de/20en ... glisch.htm

Pictures: http://www.steel-toys.com/JD14/

NEW: Exhibition Arbeitskreis Junkerswerke u. Fliegerhorst Bernburg, D-06406 Strenzfeld
The Association "Arbeitskreis Junkerswerke u. Fliegerhorst Bernburg" is focussing on the military side of the Junkers production, incl. the Stuka production and Airfield at Bernburg.
The Assoc. is running a permanent exhibition in the basement of the Hellriegel Haus at the Fachhochschule Anhalt. Open every first Sat and last Sat. in the month from 10.00 h to 14.00 h. or on request.

Address: Hellriegel Haus, Fachhochschule Anhalt, Strenzfelder Allee 28, D-06406 Strenzfeld
Contact: +49/(0)3471/355614 or 03471/3554-581

Luftwaffenmuseum of the German Air Force at the Gatow AFB, D-14089 Berlin-Gatow
If you have plans to see Berlin in summer this might be a unique opportunity to see this outstanding Aircraft collection at the former British AFB Gatow.
Adress: Am Flugplatz Gatow 33, 14089 Berlin
Link: http://www.mhm-gatow.de/


NEW: Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt, D-6244 Schorfheide.
Privately organized Museum at former GDR AFB.

Address: Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt e.V., Museumsstraße 11, D-6244 Schorfheide OT Finowfurt
See: http://luftfahrtmuseum-finowfurt.de/

Peace Museum Remagen (Remagen Bridge), D-53424 Remagen am Rhein
The Museum is focussing on the history of the Ludendorff railroad bridge that was captured on the 7th of March 1945 as the only intact Rhine bridge by US troops of the 9th Division. In addition there are informations givenon the nearby POW camps that have been established directly after nearby the bridge.
Notice: The Museum is closed in wintertime.

Address: An der Alten Rheinbrücke 11/Rheinpromenade, 53424 Remagen
Parking: Simrockweg 2, 53424 Remagen
Link: http://www.bruecke-remagen.de/index_en.htm

Pictures: http://www.steel-toys.com/R14/ and http://www.steel-toys.com/RB15

Museum für Deutsch-Amerikanische Nachkriegsgeschichte, D-97535 Wasserlosen - Rütschenhausen
The “Museum for German-American post war history” is a private Museum and focussed on the end of WW2 and beyond and an interesting collection (incl. Jeep and Halftrack). The Museum gives allso informations on the "Operation Hammelburg" that ended on the 28.03.145 nearby the Museum at Hill 427 in a disaster. A Sherman Tank that was destroyed during the Operation Hammelburg is today on display at the Museum.

Address: Am Trieb 15, D-97535 Wasserlosen - Rütschenhausen
Link: http://www.nachkriegsmuseum.de/wb/pages/startseite.php

Pictures: http://steel-toys.com/T25/

Technik Museum Sinsheim, D-74889 Sinsheim
Worth to see is in every case the "Technik Museum Sinsheim", half way between Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Take Autobahn A6, Exit "Sinsheim-Süd" (Exit 33 b) and follow the direction signs which will guide you to the museum.
The Technik Museum Sinsheim has a XXL collection of - hmmmm - "nearly everything": Aeroplanes from Gliders to the Concord, the even larger TU-144, Ju-52 (about 2 or three), fighter Jets, MV of all types, Tanks, Cars from all decades, Trains, Racing and Drag Race vehicle, world Record vehicles as the legendary "Blue Flame"... Simply too much to tell. Esp. the MV collection is very impressive and a highlight of the Museum. You will find a Dodge WC63 and a Command Car as well.

Address: Museumsplatz, D-74889 Sinsheim
Link: http://sinsheim.technik-museum.de/

Pictures: http://www.steel-toys.com/TMS2012/index.php

Technik Museum Speyer, D-67436 Speyer
The famous Technik Museum Speyer is the sister to the associated Technik Museum at Sinsheim. - The Museum is worth to see - especially for aviation enthusiasts:. It's having an Antonov freight plane an 747 Jumbo, JU-52, DC-3, Starfighters, F4 Phantoms and many other aircrafts on display and much more in it's collection and is based on one of the oldest airfields in Germany with it’s brickstone hangars. A special highlight: the Sowjet Space Shuttle Buran!

Address: Am Technik Museum, D-67346 Speyer
Link: http://speyer.technik-museum.de/

Museum für historische Wehrtechnik, D- 90552 Roethenbach
The Museum is the former factory collection of the Diehl Metall Company (large defense systems manufacturer) and has a huge amount of items spread over severall buildings and the area around. The collection offers Guns and Ammonition of all types and ages with a strong focus on WW2 and the period up to the early 1970ies. In addition lot's of military communication equipment, rifles, automatic weapons etc. etc.
But - sad to say so - it seems that the Museum is "beyond it's best day's".
Without knowing the details I had the impression that the collection was built up mainly by the old Company owner Mr. Diehl and lateron handed over to a Club that is taking care of it and turned it into a Museum for the public.
Many Gun's as well as some vehicles and Tank's (M48 Patton and a German Hetzer wreck) are kept in the open for years and are in a bad shape because of this. The rooms (old barrack's from WW2 I assume) are filled up to the last inch with stuff on display and I had the impression that there is a "lack of space, money and TLC". The collection is impressive - but it's a bit sad to see it that way...

Address: Heinrich-Diehl-Strasse, D-90552 Röthenbach / Pegnitz (nearby Nürnberg)
Link: http://www.wehrtechnikmuseum.de/index.html

Pictures: http://www.steel-toys.com/DM15/

MUNA Museum, D-91613 Marktbergel
The MUNA Museum is a privately organized military history museum located on the ground of the former "Lufthauptmunitionsanstalt Oberdachstetten" (MUNA) - south of the City of Wuerzburg.

Address: Bundesstrasse 13, Marktbergel-Munasiedlung, Exit Frankenkaserne, then follow the signs to the Parking area (GPS: 49°25'53.1"N 10°23'32.9"E)
Link: http://www.munamuseum.de/index.html

Historisch-Technisches Museum Peenemünde, D-17449 Peenemünde
The Museum is located in the former powerstation of the "Heeresversuchsanstalt" - still today known as the test range of the V2 missiles.

Address: Im Kraftwerk, D-17449 Peenemünde
Link: http://www.peenemuende.de

Waffenmuseum Suhl, D-98527 Suhl
Suhl is known worldwide as the hometown of some of the best rifles worldwide - looking back at 600 years of production history. The Museum is showing the development of civilian as military production at Suhl and offers an outstanding collection.

Address: Friedrich-König-Str. 19, D-98527 Suhl
Link: http://www.waffenmuseum.eu

Uniformenmuseum, D-35329 Nieder-Gemünden
Artur Czarski is collecting uniforms since many years and decided then to open his collection with more than 600 uniforms from all decades and countries to the public.

Address: Feldastr. 36, D-35329 Nieder-Gemünden
Link: http://www.uniformenmuseum.de

NEW: Museum "Hürtgenwald 1944 und im Frieden" (Huertgenwald Forrest Battle Museum), D-52393 Hürtgenwald-Vossenack
Outstanding collection focussed on the battle at the Hürtgenwald with lot's of rare finds from the battlefield. The Museum started as a private collection in the 1960ies and was then bought lateron by the community of Vossenack and handed over to a historical association that is now running the Museum. Please notice, that the Museum is only open from March to mid Dec. and on Sundays only from 11.00 - 17.00 h. or on request.

Address: Pfarrer-Dickmann-Straße 21 - 23, D-52393 Hürtgenwald-Vossenack, Phone: (+49) 02429 / 90 26 13
Link: http://www.museum-huertgenwald.de/


Liberty Park Oorlogsmuseum, NL- 5825 Overloon
visit the Liberty Park at Overloon - in the end of WW2 the place with the largest Tank battle in the Netherlands.
Today a great Museum with 10.000 square meters display area and lots of informations on the Netherlands at WW2. Especially the huge MV collection with more than 150 (mostly Allied ) MV on display is one of it’s kind in Europe. Some of them a real rarities - incl. a B-25 Mitchell Bomber.

Address: Museumpark 1, NL-5825 Overloon
Link:: http://www.libertypark.nl
Pictures: http://www.steel-toys.com/LP2012/index.php

Deelen Museum (Dump Deelen), NL-6816 SW Arnhem/Deelen
The Museum is also known as Museum Vliegbasis Deelen. The Airfield that was established in about 1910 was used by the German Air Force in WW2 for it's Night Fighter Wing. The Deelen AFB became then in 1945 a Canadian Basis - and soon after WW2 the largest MV parking area (dump site) in Europe consisting of about 37,000 vehicles that the Canadian 1st Army left behind after leaving the Netherlands with all troops.
The Museum is operated today from a small group of about 25 enthusiasts and gives a good overview on the history of the Airfield. Among the items on display is a German 8.8 cm Flak gun, a German "Würzburg Riese" Radar System, an Auster aircraft, a Bofors gun, a V1 Missile, Uniforms and much more.

Address: Hoenderloseweg 10, Gebouw 20, NL-6816 SW Arnhem/Deelen (Postal address only!), located at the Deelen Air Force Base, building 20.
Link:: http://www.museumvlbdeelen.nl/

Nederlands Artillerie Museum, NL-8084 HE' t Harde
The Museum was founded back in 1961 and in the beginning focussed on ammonition. It is located on a hill in historical buildings from 1875 and offers today an broad overview on the history of the Artillerie-Weaons in the Netherlands, incl. coastal batteries, tank artillerie and fortress artillerie. On display is ammonition, light and heavy guns of all types, tanks and even missiles.

Address: Eperweg 149, NL-8084 HE' t Harde
Link: http://www.nederlandsartilleriemuseum.nl/

NEW: Cavalerie Museum Amersfoort, NL-3818 LN Amersfoort
The Museum is located at the Bernhardkzerne at Amersford and focussed on cavalery and the tank-weapon and it's history in the Netherlands.

Address: Cavaleriemuseum Bernhardkazerne, Barchman Wuytierslaan 198, NL-3818 LN Amersfoort
Link: http://www.nederlandsartilleriemuseum.nl/

NEW: Nationaal Bevrijdingsmuseum 1944-1945, NL-6561 KR Groesbeek
The National Liberation Museum shows the history of the liberation of the Netherlands and Europe over the period from 1944 to 1945, all set in a global and regional context. The permanent exhibition is presented in three parts: Part 1, the red section, shows the events between the two world wars and the occupation (1918-1944). The crisis stairs, the dilemma game and Titus Brandsma’s cell all portray aspects of the war years and what happened before them. Collaborate, adjust or resist, the question is what you should do in such situations?
The liberation years are the focus of part 2, the blue section (1944-1945). Operation Market Garden is visualized, among other things, in a scale model with a sound & light show and a life-size diorama shows the allied troops crossing the Waal. Experience the war in the Lower Rhine region, the hunger winter and the love that can blossom in wartime in this blue section.
Part 3, the green section, illustrates the results of the war and the present day (after 1945). The tragic statistics of the numbers killed, the reconstruction and the first steps taken towards a united Europe.

Address: Wylerbaan 4, NL-6561 KR Groesbeek
Link: http://www.bevrijdingsmuseum.nl/

NEW: AIRBORNE Museum "Hartenstein", NL-3818 LN Oosterbeek
The Museum is dedicated to the airborne operations in the Netherlands in WW2 and located at the historical Hartenstein Building. The collection focuses on three areas:
1. Exhibits related to the Battle of Arnhem and, to a lesser degree, the whole of Operation Market Garden and consists of the world’s largest collection of Operation Market Garden memorabilia. In the basement is the "Airborne Experience" located (900 quare metre), that brings the visitors with light and sound effects into the very midst of the battle.
2.Exhibits related to Hartenstein Villa (1,700 square metre exhibition space).
3. Exhibits related to the history of the Airborne Museum Foundation.

Address: Utrechtseweg 232, NL-6862 AZ Oosterbeek
Link: http://en.airbornemuseum.nl/

NEW: Stichting Achterhoeks Museum "1940-1945", NL-3818 Henelo Gelderland
The Museum is based on a private collection that had it's roots back in 1945 and started to grow over the years. The collection is focussed on the period between the occupation of the Netherlands in 1940 up to the Liberation in 1945. Beside of military uniforms and weapons the exhibition gives informations on how civilians lived during the occupation (incl. a complete shop with goods on display). Another part is focussed on the war at air and the British troops that liberated the Netherlands.

Address: Marktstraat 6, NL-7255 CA Hengelo (Bronckhorst)
Link: http://www.achterhoeksmuseum1940-1945.nl

NEW: Oorlogs Verzets Museum Rotterdam, NL-3015 GC Rotterdam
The "War and Resistance Museum" at Rotterdam gives in detail informations on the period between the occupation of the Netherlands and it's Liberation. The Museum offers seven core section: "Mobilisation", "Invasion", "The air raid", "Hangar 24", "The Resistance", "Winter famine" and "The Liberation".

Address: Coolhaven 375, NL-3015 GC Rotterdam
Link: http://www.ovmrotterdam.nl

NEW: Betuws Oorlogsmuseum "The Island" 1944-1945, NL-6666 AL Heteren
The Museum is focussed on the history of the Betuwe area between 1940 and 1945 and offers German and allied Unifors and lots of collectibles from the area, incl. photos, weapons, maps and more as well as equipment from the Dutch Resistance.

Address: Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 36, NL-6666 AL Heteren
Link: http://www.betuwsoorlogsmuseum.nl

NEW: Luchtoorlogsmuseum Fort Veldhuis (War at Air Museum), NL-1960 Heemskerk
During WW2 about 7,500 aircraft have been shot down over the Netherlands or crashed due to mechanical problems on Dutch territory. The Stichting Aircraft Recovery group is searching since many years for those wrecks and has a part of the finds on display at the Veldhuis Fortress, part of the defence of the City of Amsterdam.Notice: the Museum is only open from May to Sept.

Address: Fort Veldhuis, Genieweg 1, NL-1960 Heemskerk
Link: http://www.arg1940-1945.nl


Winter 1944 Museum
Notice: the Museum is about 121 km north of Bastogne.
Address: Thewitstraat 8, B-3891 Borlo (close to Patton Tank)
Link: http://www.winter1944.com

NEW: Musee Amay 40-45
Privately organized Museum with focus on WW2 in Belgium.
Address: Rue des Ecoles 23, B-4540 Amay
Link: http://www.musee-amay40-45.webs.com

NEW: WW2 Memory Museum Berneau
Privately organized Museum by Mr. Luc Theunissen.
Address: 29, rue de Maestricht, B-4607 Berneau
Link: http://www.wwii-memory-museum.com

NEW: December 44 Museum
Privately organized Museum in the towncewnter of La Gleize and famous for it's German Tiger Tank 213 in front of the Museum.
Now with re-organized exhibition after change of ownership.
Address: Rue de L'Eglise 7, B-4987 La Gleize
Link: http://www.december44.com

NEW: VZW Canada-Poland War Museum
The focus of the Museum is on the troops from Canada and Poland that helped to liberate Belgium in the end of WW2.
Address: Heulendonk 21, B-9991 Adegem
Link: http://www.canadamuseum.be

Ardennes (Bastogne and nearby)
For all of you interested in a visit of Bastogne and the battlegrounds nearby a list of some Museums linked to the battle of the bulges:

Bastogne Barracks
The legendary Bastogne Barracks with the original Headquarter of General McAuliffe and an outstanding Tank collection of the Belgium Army.
Address: Rue de la Roche, B-6600 Bastogne
Link: http://www.365.be/attractions/att/cultu ... l?&lang=EN

101 Airborne Museum
Address: Avenue de la Gare 11-13, B-6600 Bastogne
Link: http://www.101airbornemuseumbastogne.com

Bastogne Ardennes '44 Museum
2 Floors with 500 squaremetres exhibition each, incl. WC54 Ambo and a WC56 CC
Address: Route N84 Nr. 635 (8 km from Bastogne on the left of N84)
Link: http://www.bastogneardennes44.com

Musée de la Bataille des Ardennes
Via N834, 36 km northwest of Bastogne
3 Floors with approx. 1500 squaremetres exhibition (total)
Address: Eue Chamont 5, B-6980 La Roche
Link: http://www.batarden.be

NEW: Bulge Relics Museum
Privately organized Museum of Mr. Jean-Francois Noirhomme in a former barn with lots of nicely presented WW2 relics.
Address: Joubieval 41, B-6690 Joubieval (Vielsalm)
Link: http://www.bulge-relics-museum.be

Bastogne War Museum
Notice: the Museum is directly beside the Mardasson Memorial.
Address: Colline du Mardasson 5, B-6600 Bastogne
Link: http://www.bastognewarmuseum.be

NEW: Mons Memorial Museum

Specialized military Museum that is focussed with it's collection on the military history of the Mons region from the Middle Ages to the Ancien Regime and the Allied Forces that liberated Mons in 1944. The Museum offers actually more than 5,000 items on display.
Address: Boulevard Dolez 51, B-7000 Mons
Link: http://www.monsmemorialmuseum.mons.be


Musée des Blindés (Saumur Tank Museum), F-49400 Saumur
Saumur is located between Nantes and Tours, about 320 km west of Paris and home of the largest Tank collection in France, the “Musée des Blindés ou Association des Amis du Musée des Blindés”. The collection was originally founded back in 1964 by the Ministère de la Défense of the French Republik and offers a broad overview on Tank technology from WW1 up to the present.

Address: 1043, route de Fontevraud, F-49400 Saumur
Link : http://www.museedesblindes.fr/

The Museum has been established in 1988 in the historical but civilian buildings of the formaly Co.Boussac, high place of Lorraine's textile industry. Not dedicated to a specific era, the visit allows to perceive the evolution of military uniforms and equipments from 1914 to the Gulf War. A collection of vehicles ( tank, jeeps, half-track ) completes the thousand square meters of exposition.

Address: 11 rue d'Alsace, F-88450 Vincey (Vosges)
Link : http://pascal.lener.free.fr/

NEW: Le BLOCKHAUS Bunker Museum, F-62910 Eperlecques
Close to the village of Eperlecques the German Wehrmacht built an impressive bunker as a launchpad for the V1 Missiles. More than 90,000 tons of concrete and steel have been used to build this complex for attacks against Great Britain. Today the site is a Museum and among the artefacts on display are a V1 Missile with it's launching rail as well as a V2 Rocket.

Address: rue des sarts, F-62910 Eperlecques
Link : http://www.leblockhaus.com

NORMANDY - the D-Day Museums Guide by Joakim:

Memorial Pegasus, F-14860 Ranville,
http://www.memorial-pegasus.org/mmp/mus ... t/?lang=uk

Musee de la Batterie de Merville, F-14810 Merville-Franceville

Musee des Troupes Aeroportees, F-50480 Sainte-Mere-Eglise,

Musee du Debarquement (Utah Beach), F-50480 Sainte Marie du Mont,
http://www.utah-beach.com/fr/musee-du-d ... efault.asp

Musee des Rangers, F-14450 Grandcamp–Maisy
Notice: very small Museum

Musee America Gold Beach, F-14710 Ver-sur-Mer

Juno Beach Centre, F-14470 Courseulles–sur–Mer

Musee No. 4 Commando, F-14150 Ouistreham

Musee du Mur de l’Atlantique, F-14150 Ouistreham

Musee du Radar, F-14440 Douvres–la–Delivrande

Musee Memorial de la Bataille de Normandie 1944, F-14400 Bayeux
http://www.bayeuxmuseum.com/musee_memor ... andie.html

Musee de la Bataille de Tilly, F-14250 Tilly–sur –Seulles

Le Memorial – un Musee pour la Paix, F-14066 Caen

Musee du Debarquement (Arromaches), F-14117 Arromaches

Musee de la Liberation, F-50100 Cherbourg

Musee de la Seconde Guerre Mondial, F-50300 Avranches

Musee Aout 1944 – La Bataille de la Poche de Falaise, F-14700 Falaise

Memorial de Montormel, F-61160 Montormel

Musee des Epaves Sous-Marines du Debaquement, F-14520 Port-en-Bessin

Musee de la Liberte, F-50310 Quineville

Musee D-Day Omaha, F-14710 Vierville-sur-Mer
Please notice: The Omaha D-Day Museum is the second (private) Museum close to Omaha Beach and located into the direction of Omaha Beach Camping.
Address: Route de Grandcamp, F-710 Vierville-sur-Mer, France
Link : http://en.normandie-tourisme.fr/pcu/mus ... 08H-2.html

Big Red One Assault Museum, F-14710 Colleville-sur-Mer
Notice: very small Museum

Dead Man’s Corner Museum, F- 50500 Saint-Côme-du-Mont

Musée Memorial Omaha Beach, F-14710 Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer
The Museum is located close to the eastern end of Omaha Beach and the larger one of the two Museums in the area.

Musée Juin ‘44, F-61303 L’Aigle

Musée de la Batterie de Crisbecq, F-50310 Saint-Marcouf-de-L’Île

Musée de la percée du bocage, F-14350 Saint-Martin-des-Besaces

Musée Patton, F-50390 Nehou

Musée août 1944 (Château du Taillis), F-76480 Duclair

Musée de l'Occupation, F-50480 Sainte-Marie-du-Mont

Musée de Libération, F-50480 Sainte-Marie-du-Mont

New Museums (open since 2013):

Normandy Tank Museum / A-10 Airfield, F-50500 Catz

Overlord Museum Normandy 1944 (Omaha Beach), F-14710 Colville-sur-Mer


National Museum of Military History, L-9209 Diekirch
Impressive collection and nice displays in a former brewery at Diekirch.
Lot’s of MV and artillery. In addition special exhibitions on the Army of Luxemburg and it’s history from 1945 on to the present.
-Worth a visit and only about 50 km southeast of Bastogne.

Address: 10, Bamertal, L-9209 Diekirch
Link: http://www.mnhm.lu/www/usa/museum/index.php

NEW: General Patton Memorial Museum, L-9054 Ettelbruck
The Memorial and it's Museum is dedicated to General Patton, Commander of the Third US Army whose troops liberated the town of Ettelbruck on Dec. 25, 1944.

Address: 5, rue Dr. Klein, L-9054 Ettelbruck (L)
Link: http://www.patton.lu

Luxemburg American Cemetery and Memorial, L-2517 Luxembourg
The lagest US WW2 cemetary in Europe incl. the gravesite of General Patton and a Memorial. At the entrance is on the left a small office building with some documents and items on display, as well as the guest book of the cemetary.

Address: 50, Val du Scheid, L-2517 Luxembourg
Link: http://www.abmc.gov


Österreichisches Luftfahrtmuseum Graz-Thalerhof, A- 8073 Fedkirch
Privately organized Museum with more than 40 aircraft on display.

Address:Thalerhofstr. 52, A- 8073 Fedkirch
Link:: http://www.luftfahrtmuseum.at

NEW: Heeresgeschichtliches Museum - Militärhistorisches Institut, A-1030 Wien
The flagship among the military Museums in Austria offers the national military history at a glance from the Thirty Years War up to today and the involvement of the national Forces in UN Missions around the globe. A Tank collection and a huge amount of artillery is part of the Museum as well. Intersting part for "the experts": the section on the naval history of Austria in the Museum. Today it's nearly forgotten that Austria had up to the end of WW1 access to the Adriatic Sea and a own Navy.

Address: Arsenal Objekt 1, A-1030 Wien (Vienna)
Link: http://www.hgm.at/

NEW: HANGAR-7 Flugzeug Museum (Red Bull Aviation Collection), A-5020 Salzburg
The Red Bull Energy Drink is famous around the world and the company today a major sponsor of many sports that go to extremes as the Formula One or Air Acrobatics and Air Races. Beside of this the owner of the Company started to collect rare vintage Aircraft and soon the collection needed an own hangar. Today the collection consists of more than 18 classics that are located at HANGAR-7. The building is Museum, workshop and Event location with a premium restaurant at the same time. Part of the collection are several WW2 fighters as the "Corsair" carrier aircraft, the P-38 "Lightning" as well as a B-25 "Mitchell" Bomber or the only flying DC-6B in the world from former President Tito that was found in central Africa and was rebuilt ground up by the Red Bull team. Today is even Hangar-7 to small for the collection and a new building - Hangar-8 - has been built to give additional space for the latest acquisition's as a Bristol 171 Sycamore helicopter and a SU-29 Trainer.

Address: Salzburg Airport (Wilhelm-Spazier-Str. 7A), A-5020 Salzburg
Link: http://www.hgm.at/


Patton Memorial Pilsen at Peklo Cultural Center, CZ- 301 00 Pilsen
Memorial and Museum located at the Peklo Cultural Center. Exhibition on the history of WW2 and the liberation of the City of Pilsen by US troops under command of General Patton and with support of troops from Belgium.

Address: Peklo Cultural Center, Pob?ežní 10, CZ- 301 00 Pilsen
Link:: http://www.patton-memorial.cz/

NEW: Military History Institute in Prague, CZ-130 05 Praha
The Military History Institute in Prague is a military institution, governed by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. The Military History Institute consists of the headquarters and three specialized departments. The Institute is the research center, museum, library and archive facility of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic and include the Army Museum Žižkov, Air Museum Kbely, Military Technical Museum Lešany and the exhibition areas in the Mihulka Tower at the Prague Castle.

Address: U Památníku 2, CZ-130 05 Praha 3, Phone: +420 973 204 900
Link:: http://www.vhu.cz/english-summary/

The Army Museum Žižkov
The Army Museum is located in Prague-Žižkov, in the historic facilities of the National Liberation Monument. The exposition is divided into three large sections. The first is dedicated to the period of the World War 1 (1914 to 1918), the involvement of Czech and Slovak people in the war, and the political and military events that resulted in the constitution of the independent Czechoslovak Republic. The second section is dedicated to the Czechoslovak republic and its armed forces between the world wars, and the third section maps the period of the World War 2, and the involvement of the Czech and Slovak people in the military operations, home resistance and other events aimed at restoring the independence of Czechoslovakia.
The museum displays the history of the 1st, 2nd, and (since February 2003) also the 3rd anti-communist resistance, the history of the Czechoslovak army between 1918 and 1939, and the persecution of the Czechoslovak soldiers after the coup in February 1948. In addition to weapons, the exhibitions show many unique uniforms, banners, marks of distinction, and also personal memorabilia of the Czechoslovak presidents and leading army representatives.
The Army Museum Žižkov is open every day except Monday, from 10.00 AM to 6 PM. Admission is free of charge. To get to the museum, take bus 133, 175 or 207 from the Florenc underground station, stop U Památníku or 10 minutes walk from Florenc station.

Address: U Památníku 2, Praha 3 – Žižkov
Link:: http://www.vhu.cz/english-summary/

The Aviation Museum Kbely
The museum was founded in 1968, in the area of the historic military airfield Prague-Kbely, the first air base built after the constitution of Czechoslovakia in 1918. Due to both the quantity and quality of its collections, it is one of to the largest air museums in Europe. Currently the collections contain 275 aircrafts, 85 of which are exhibited in four indoor halls, 25 are displayed in the open air, 155 are stored in depositories, and 10 planes, fully operational, are still in service. Many aircraft are unique in the world. (Museum display only one in the world czech plane constructions and both type of the Me 262 Schwalbe).
The exposition is closely related to the history of Czechoslovak and Czech aviation, especially its military branch. Several other types of foreign important aircraft are also exhibited for comparison, together with numerous aircraft engines, parts of airframes, armament, uniforms, banners, marks of distinction and other relics related to the history of Czechoslovak and Czech aviation.
The museum is open in the summer season, i.e. from May till October, every day except Monday from 10.00 AM to 6 PM. Admission is free of charge. To get to the museum take bus No. 185, 259, 280, 302, 375, 376 – 10 minutes from Let?any underground station (stop Letecké museum).

Address: Mladoboleslavská ul., Praha 9 – Kbely, Phone No: +420 973 204 900
Link:: http://www.vhu.cz/english-summary/

The Military Technical Museum Lešany
The Military Technical Museum of the Military History Institute in Prague has been located since 1996 in the former artillery barracks between Krhanice and Lešany, near Týnec nad Sázavou. Currently, the exposition contains over 350 historic tanks, cannons, motorcycles, armored vehicles, trucks and military passenger vehicles, manufactured in the period from 1890 up to present. The collections are presented in 10 halls, 6 roofed areas and also in the open air.
By the quantity and contents of its collection, with many items unique in the world, the museum is one of the most important European institutions of its kind. The unique part is particularly the collection of the Czechoslovak military transport vehicles from 1918 to 1939, and the collection of Škoda cannons. By the concept of the exposition, the museum follows new trends of presentation of technical collections. From the very start, the museum has followed the pattern of British museums that set the trends in the current development of the museology. Regular replacements of the exhibits every year, their impressive presentation in motion, and the gradual improvement of the exhibition areas – all that helps the visitors better understand the issues of the Czechoslovak military technical history. Every year, when the museum opens as well as during the summer season (every last saturday in August – Tank day), our LEŠANY ARENA hosts numerous events presenting the historic technology in motion.
The museum is open during the summer season in the following hours: In June 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM (weekends only), in July and August 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM (daily except mondays). Admission is free of charge. How to get to the Museum by car: Prague – highway D1 direct to Brno – exit Velké popovice – Babice – Lešany u Týnce nad Sázavou. By train: from station Praha Hlavní nádraží, direction Týnec nad Sázavou, to the Krhanice station. Then walk 500 meters over the bridge to the museum.

Address: Lešany near Týnec nad Sázavou, Post Office Krhanice, 257 42, Phone No: +420 973 204 900
Link:: http://www.vhu.cz/english-summary/

BAHNA - Muzeum na demarka?ní linii v Rokycanech
The Museum was founded back in 1997 and offers a large MV collection with clear focus on Sowjet made Tanks and MV. The collection is kept in the open and some MV on display not in perfect condition because of that. The Museum is organizing an annual MV Event as well.

Address: Š?áhlavská ul., CZ-337 01 Rokycany
Link:: http://www.bahna.eu/kontakt.htm


Intro: At the moment there are eight special military museums in Finland, which operate under Military Museum’s supervision. Due to limited resources and lack of exhibition halls historical military collections have been divided to special arms museums. Especially the growing amount of collections in different army units affected to the founding of special military museums. They are often financed by foundations and have been founded since 1945. Special military museums include The Tank Museum, The Anti-Aircraft Museum, The Finnish Aviation Museum, The Infantry Museum, The Museum of Military Medicine, Mobilia, Forum Marinum and Museum Militaria, which comprises the Engineers Museum, The National Signals Museum and The Artillery Museum of Finland.

The Military Museum of Finland, Helsinki
The Military Museum of Finland (Finnish: Sotamuseo) is the central museum of the Finnish Defence Forces and the national special museum of military history and was founded in 1929. It is located in Helsinki and it is part of the Finnish National Defence University. The Military Museums exhibitions are located at Kruununhaka and at the Sea Fortress Suomenlinna in the harbour of the City.

Address: Permanent exhibition located at Liisankatu 1, Helsinki and
Savonlinna Sea Fortress, Helsinki Harbour
Link: http://www.puolustusvoimat.fi/portal/pu ... e364705c96

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Helsinki Harbour
The Sea Fortress Suomenlinna in the harbour of the City was built from about 1747 on and it took more than 40 years to finnish the first fortification. In later periods the Fortress was expanded step by step and was first under Swedish, then under Russian command up to the liberation of Finland in 1917. The most popular artefact from WW2 at the Fortress is the submarine Vesikko. It is a Finnish submarine built in 1933 that served in the second World War in the Gulf of Finland. Vesikko is the only remaining submarine of the Finnish Fleet during the World War II. Other highlights are the “Manege”, a special exhibition focussed on heavy weapons from Finnish wars against Soviet Union in 1939–1944. Access to the Fortress is only possible by Ferry. The Ferry Terminal is located in the harbour at the end of the famous Esplanadi Alley.

Address: Savonlinna Sea Fortress, Helsinki Harbour
Link: http://www.suomenlinna.fi/en/

MUSEO MILITARIA - The Artillery, Engineer and Signals Museum of Finland, FIN-13100 Hämeenlinna.
Museo Militaria is a war history museum showcasing the history of Finnish artillery, engineering and signalling from the Middle Ages to modern times.

Address: Vanhankaupunginkatu 19, FIN-13100 Hämeenlinna
Link: http://www.museomilitaria.fi/en/

Parola Tank Museum, FIN-13721 Parola
The Tank Museum is a military historical museum with the main task to gather, save, investigate and exhibit the history of the Finnish armoured and anti-tank defence troops.A central theme, furthermore, is to inform about the use and technical development of the armoured fighting vehicles in the Army of independent Finland, beginning from the first Renault F.T. Modèle 1917 tanks, bought in 1919 to the present. The collection has several German WW2 Tanks as the Panzerkampfwagen IV and the Sturmgeschütz III as well as the full range of Russian and Sowjet made Tanks from the 1930ies on.

Address: Hattulantie 334, FIN-13721 Parola
Link: http://www.panssarimuseo.fi/kehys-e.html

The Aviation Museum of Central Finland, FIN-41160 Tikkakoski
The Aviation Museum of Central Finland shows Finnish aviation history from its beginning to the present days and is the former Finnish Air Force Museum.
The basic exhibition consists mainly of aircraft, engines and aircrew equipment which has been used by the Finnish Air Force from it’s first beginnings up to the present.
The equipment of the Air Force Signals Museum has its own section. In addition a large collection of scale models gives a wider perspective to the whole field of aviation. Interesting ist the large amount of WW2 artefacts out of German production that are on display as used by the Finnish Forces at this time and still after WW2 for years.

Address: Tikkakoskentie 125, FIN-41160 Tikkakoski
Link: http://www.airforcemuseum.fi/


Beredskapsmuseet, S-263 65 Viken
Centered around one cannon of a fixed artillery battery of "Batteri Hälsingborg", rapidly built in 1940 after the German occupation of Denmark and Norway. The museum display all things connected to the WW2 period, in Sweden called "Beredskapstiden", the Preparedness period (sounds odd though), and on through the Cold war, because the battery was operational until 1990.
Once a year, usually in the spring, one of the largest displays of re-enactment is organized by the museum. Well worth a visit if you're driving to Sweden as it's located where E4/E6 splits between western Sweden/Norway and central/eastern and Finland.
Check the opening dates, because during the winter it is usually closed.

Address: Beredskapsmuseet, Djuramossavägen 160, S-263 65 Viken
Link: http://www.beredskapsmuseet.com

Armémuseum (the Swedish Army Museum ), S-263 65 Stockholm
Located in a representative historical building in the capital city of Sweden is the Army Museum – one of Sweden’s best historical museums.
It offers it's visitors a walk through Swedish history, from 1500 to the present day, among fascinating contemporary objects and realistic scenes. Experience living conditions for soldiers, their families and the general population.
Because of the long existence of the Swedish kingdom and it's influence in the area of the Baltic Sea the collection contains hundreds of trophies of many wars since about 1500: Russian, Polish and Danish banners, and other trophies captured in war, are on display from our main collection. The trophy collection is unique and is part of the global cultural heritage. On the yard of the Museum are hundreds of enemy guns on display - trophies of a different kind. In addition you will find some armored vehicles as well.

Address: Riddargatan 13, S-114 51 Stockholm
Link: http://www.armemuseum.se/languages/english/

Arsenalen, S-645 91 Strängnäs
Scandinavia's largest military vehicle museum depicting the military vehicle development from the early 1900s until today. You are treated to a breathtaking historical journey through the decades. The museum also includes a stunning exhibition of tin figures and a soldiers croft dating back to the 1600s where an associated exhibition tells the story of a bygone era.

Address: Via motorway E20, Exit #135 to "Härad" and in the T-crossing take right towards "Strängnäs" The Museum is located 200 m. from the the motorway Exit. Close to S-645 91 Strängnäs.
GPS: Lat N 59° 22' 2" - Lon E 16° 55' 46" (Decimal: Lat 59.3674, Lon 16.9295)
Link: http://arsenalen.se/index.php/en/

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