ww2dodge.com Forum (International)

International Dodge Forum that has been founded by a Dodge owner from Belgium in 2006. Today has the Forum nearly 1,000 members worldwide.
Very usefull if you have specific problems or if you are in need of spares etc.

Link: http://forum.ww2dodge.com/index.php


Forum Dodge Weapon Carrier (F)

The French Dodge brothers of the International Dodge Forum with clear domestic focus.French language only.

Link: http://dodgewc.frbb.net/forum





Ulis Dodge WC54 Ambulance site (G)

Nice private homepage with many great Dodge pictures.

Link: http://dodge.buwe.de/


Joakims private Dodge Garage Blog (G)

My private thread at the WW2 Dodge Forum on the latest repairs etc.

Link: http://forum.ww2dodge.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=11137


command-car.com - Sylvias Dodge Command Car site (G)

Command-car.com is a well known private homepage from an individual female Dodge enthusiast. Her first concern is to show historical photos
and vehicle details of WW2 Dodge Trucks. Great pictures from WW2 military vehicle and WW2 reenactment events. Worth a visit!

Link: http://www.command-car.com/commandcarcom2.html


Fritz Dodge WC63 project (G)

Our friend Fritz is a real 4x4 fan with a garage full of exotic toys. He has no own hp but Uli is updating us from time to time with fresh photos of Fritz 6x6 project (finished now in Oct. 2015).

Link: http://dodge.buwe.de/fritz.html

Link to the youtube video of the first test-driving after the rebuilt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkOG6XNaluI


Davys Dodge WC51 Blog (B)

Private thread of a WC51 owner from Belgium at the WW2 Dodge Forum on the latest repairs etc. during the rebuilt of his WC51.

Link: http://forum.ww2dodge.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10042


Dodge-Austria.Com (A)

Private Dodge owners homepage from Austria.

Link: http://www.dodge-austria.com/


Dodge WC64 KD Ambulance (NL)

Private homepage of Guido Wilmes from Eindhoven that is focussed on this late WW2 Ambulance type.

Link: http://www.wc64.com/


Dodge WC43 (NL)

The only private homepage focussed on the Dodge WC43 telephone truck. Belongs to Thomas Schouten from Geldrop near Eindhoven.

Link: http://www.wc43.com//


The Dodge WC54 Homepage (NL)

WC54 homepage made by a enthusiast from the Netherlands.

Link: http://home.zonnet.nl/dodgewc54/index.htm


Dodge WC52 Blog (F)

French enthusiasts site.

Link: http://dodgewc52.over-blog.com/article-3517525.html


Dodge Americain de la seconde Guerre (F)

French private site for WW2 Dodge enthusiasts.

Link: http://dodgeweaponcarrier.pagesperso-orange.fr/


Dodge-WC.Com (CH)

Swiss Dodge owners blog by Kurt Wyss.

Link: http://dodge-wc.blogspot.de/


Restoration of a 1945 Dodge WC-51 (USA)

Nice online documentation of an private rebuilding project.

Link: http://www.surplustrucks.com/WC51/WC51Home.htm



WC54 homepage made by an enthusiast from LA.

Link: http://www.wc53.com/


1942 Dodge WC-52 (USA)

Private blog of Brians' WC-52 wich he bought from the Norwegians.

Link: http://www.hardscrabblefarm.com/car_club/1942WC52.htm


Wheels of Victory (USA)

Site on allied WW2 MV. Many MV photos - as a basic collection for WW2 scale modellers. Seems that it is not updated since 2007?

Link: http://www.wheelsofvictory.com/index8.html


Dodge 1942 Command Car (BR)

Brasilian site about this Dodge type and his history.

Link: http://commandcar.blogspot.de/p/inicio_7119.html


Dodge trucks with the Red Army

The land lease contract was bringing hundredthousands of US made MV to the Sowjet Union.
This site offers some nice graphics and rare photos on Dodge vehicles that served in the Red Army in WW2.

Link: http://www.o5m6.de/wc51.html



Steves Dodge Command Car - ¾ Ton Technicals & Photo Ressource Center site.
One of the oldest CC sites online (since 1995!). Lot's of pictures and background infos
sorted by WW2 theatre from a real enthusiast from Florida.

Link: http://www.wc57.com/



The CC hp of Paul Core from Frisco, Texas on his 1943 Command Car.
Nice WC-57 enthusiast site.

Link: http://www.commandcar.com


STEEL-TOYS.COM - Joakims Dodge WC51 & WC52 site (G)

Just to make the list complete: thats my own private homepage on my Dodge WC51 and former WC52.
Lots of pictures from WW2 military vehicle Events in central Europe, WW2 battlefields, Museums etc.
Additional helpful infos as MV Events listing, link lists and private spares surplus 4sale.

Link: http://www.steel-toys.com/




Other private MV related homepages:


Ingos WW2 Jeep and Normandy Homepage (G)

Private WW2 Jeep enthusiasts homepage with many usefull informations. Ingo is in addition organizing an own private MV Event
since some years - known as the TEUTOTREFFEN. It's a MV Event for a limited amount of German and US MV from WW2
to be held nearby the town of Ibbenbüren on the 03.-05.07.2015.

HP Link: http://normandy2014.jimdo.com/

Teutotreffen link: http://teutotreffen.jimdo.com/


Garage Overlord (CH)

Private WW2 enthusiasts homepage. Lots of pictures.

Link: http://www.garageoverlord.ch/index.html


M38A1.DE - Jeep Homepage (G)

Markus M38A1 Jeep enthusiasts homepage. Lots of MV pictures with Jeep focus.

Link: http://m38a1.de/






MS-Overland Store / Neiske & Pinn (G)

One of the oldest Jeep parts dealer in Germany that offers most basic Dodge spares as well.

Link: http://www.ms-overland-store.de/



Originally an Jeep parts dealer offers Staman lots of Dodge spares as well incl. canvas made by the Worthings in the U.K. and Omaha tires at a good price.

Link: http://www.staman.nl/



Another Jeep specialist from the NL with good prices and some standard parts for Dodge in stock as well.

Link: http://www.jemax-jeeparts.nl/


ArmyParts4U (NL)

Online shop with lots of Dodge and Jeep spares - but not all parts shown really in stock - so ask before ordering.

Link: http://www.armyparts4u.com/


Jeep Mons (B)

Large Jeep parts and paint dealer from Belgium. Good prices and some standard parts for Dodge in stock as well. Address: Rue St-Macaire 1,B-7034 Mons, Belgium.

No homepage - contact: jeepmons@gmail.com



Jeepest is since more than years 20 active and the largest dealer for parts for US WW2 MV in France - good source for Dodge owners as well! Jeepest offers lot’s of NOS parts, equipment and complete vehicles. The showroom is like a Museum. Located nearby Verdun and worth a visit.

Link: http://www.jeepest.com/


Jeep/Dodge/GMC - SMI Surplus Militaires et Industriells (F)

One of the largest WW2 MV boneyards in France with a large warehouse with take off parts but has NOS and repro parts as well. Very high shipping costs - but they are at many MV Events and can bring pre-ordered parts for free to the Events.

Link: http://jeep-dodge-gmc.com/smi/



Another Jeep specialist from France. Interesting: offers Jeep and Dodge bodyshell repro parts.

Link: http://www.jeepsudest.com/recherche/cal.+50/


CAMO Günter Ctortnik (A)

MV and spare parts dealer located nearby Vienna. Good source for used Dodge spares and original and refurbished Dodge vehicles from Austria.

Link: http://www.camo.co.at/


Stefan Legat - White Star Motor Pool (A)

Stefan is a passionate WW2 MV restauration expert and spares dealer. Allways worth a try.

Link: http://www.stefan-legat.at/


Midwest Military (USA)

One of the best known Dodge spares dealers in the USA.

Link: http://www.midwestmilitary.net/


Vintage Power Wagons (USA)

One of the most popular Dodge spare part dealers in the USA.

Link: http://www.vintagepowerwagons.com/


CANVASCO.COM - MV Canvas Products by John & Mary Worthing (GB)

Also known as American Canvas are the Worthings today the no. 1 source for canvas products for Dodge and Jeep owners.

Link: http://www.canvasco.com/


John-Kicken.Com - 4x4 Tire Expert (NL)

John is part of a large professional tire dealer family and real 4x4 enthusiast. If you are looking for exotic 4x4 tires or MV tires he is a great source. He offers service and advice as well. Located in the Netherlands nearby the border to Germany - close to Aachen. Notice: Homepage actually offline.

Phone: 0031 (0)6 411 28 008 E-Mail: info@johnkicken.com


ARMY-CARS.COM - MV and Surplus (D)

Good source for demobbed tracked MV, trucks and Army surplus. No online shop - just call and ask.

Link: http://www.army-cars.com/






USMVC Koblenz (G)

Mainly WW2 focussed US MV owners Club with members from Wiesbaden to Koblenz. The Club is organizing once a year a Camp in autumn. Nice group.

Link: http://www.usmvc-koblenz.de/


UNIVEM Paris (F)

One of the largest MV collectors associations in France. Nice people, great vehicles. The Club is organizing every a large Camp in Normandy during the D-Day week at Omaha Beach. Highly recommended!

Link: http://www.univem-paris.com/


MVPA - Military Vehicle Preservation Association (USA)

The largest MV collectors Club in the USA. Has two own publications (Supply Line and Army Motors) - both available as printed or e-paper
version for members. Great MV in the Club and many Events allover the States.

Link: http://www.mvpa.org/



One of the oldest active MV owners Clubs in Europe. Has a nice annual MV Camp in spring. Link: http://www.quadriga.lu/


KTR - Keep them Rolling MV Club (NL)

Largest WW2 MV owners Club in Europe by members. Very active with lots of Events and two annual militaria fairs.

Link: http://www.ktr.nl/






MVD - Military Vehicle Drivers Koblenz (G)

Post war focussed MV owners Club from the Koblenz region. Organizer of the annual Schmidtenhoehe MV Event (1st weekend in Sept.). With over 400 MV in place the largest Event of this kind in Germany (incl. offroad driving on tank training grounds).

Link: http://www.mvd-koblenz.de/


IG-HMT - Interessengemeinschaft Historische Militärtechnik (G)

Collectors Association with post war MV. Member focus is the Rhein-Main area.

Link: http://www.ig-hmt.de/


Royal Mons Auto Moto Club / Tanks in Town (B)

MV owners Club from Belgium and organizer of the annual MV Event Tanks in Town with MV Camp on the last weekend in August. One of the most outstanding MV Events with a fair, convoy driving and re-enactment.

Link: http://www.tanksintown.be/


Indianhead MV Club (B)

One more well known WW2 focussed US MV owners Club from Belgium. Also involved in re-enactment.

At facebook: https://fr-fr.facebook.com/pages/MVCG-Indian-Head/140016832736062

Link: http://indianhead.be/


BMVT - Belgian Military Vehicle Trust (B)

Well known WW2 focussed US MV owners Club from Belgium.

Link: http://www.bmvt.eu/


Patton Drivers Ulbeek (B)

Smaller WW2 focussed US MV owners Club from Belgium with some nice Dodge vehicles. Organizes an annual MV Camp in spring.

Link: http://www.pattondrivers.be/


Spearhead Military Oldtimer Club (B)

WW2 focussed US MV owners Club from Belgium.

Link: http://www.vzwspearhead.be/


Wheels (NL)

Another very active MV owners Club from the Netherlands. Organizing Events and its own militaria fair (Wheels Ruilbeurs).

Link: http://clubwheels.nl/


Lucky Seventh (NL)

MV collectors Club from the Netherlands with focus on WW2 US vehicles.

Link: http://www.luckyseventh.nl/


Spear-Head 3rd armored division (NL)

WW2 focussed US MV owners Club from the Netherlands.

Link: http://www.spear-head.nl/site/


9th Armored Division - Belgian Army Friends (B)

Another WW2 focussed US MV owners Club from Belgium. 9th AD in focus.

Link: http://www.9th-ad.eu/







The best known MV advertising site in Europe. Offers advertising from the USA as well. Good source if you are looking for complete vehicles.

Link: http://www.milweb.net/classifieds.php?type=3


HMVF - Historic Military Vehicle Forum (GB)

Very popular international MV owners Forum. Offers an advertising section as well.

Link: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/forumdisplay.php?93-HMVF-Classifieds


GAF92 - General Armygreen Foundation (NL)

Popular MV owners Club from the Netherlands with an very attractive private advertising section. Very popular among MV owners from the BeNeLux countries. Lots of spares offered.

Link: http://www.gaf92.nl/ then use the te koop button on the left.


Army-Inserate.de / Area 383 (G)

Dealer homepage with popular private advertising part.

Link: http://www.area383.de/de/Angebote/






Though Ombres (G)

One of the very rare WW2 US Army re-enactment groups in Germany. Nice "band of brothers".

Link (facebook presentation): https://de-de.facebook.com/pages/Tough-Ombres/138627229541690?sk=info&tab=page_info

Link (homepage): http://blog.tough-ombres.com/






Kriegsende 1945 Diez / Rhein-Lahn (G)

Research site on the end of WW2 in the area of Diez and the Lahn River valley.

Link: http://www.kriegsende1945-diez-limburg.de/


LM-1945 - Limburg 1945 (G)

Private research site on the end of WW2 in the area of Limburg.

Link: http://lm-1945.waswarda.de/





FILM-AUTOS.COM - Market for private cars for rent for movie productions (G)

German marketplace for private owned vehicles that are for rent available for movie productions and Events.

Link (facebook presentation): https://www.film-autos.com/


FRAEULEINBETTY.DE - Swing and Entertainment Made by German Fraulein Betty (G)

German music and entertainment Frauleinwunder in 1940ies Swing style. Perfect for Retro-Style Events.

Link: http://www.fraeuleinbetty.de/betty-band-music.html/



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